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What Does it Mean if you`re Diving in a Dream?

woman swimming

You dream that you're diving into a river or diving into the sea from a high platform. What do these symbols in our dreams mean and should we be worried? Diving reveals our inner desire to free ourselves from something.

Even if we don't admit it to ourselves, something is greatly worrying us and we feel pressured by the circumstances, anxious. Here are the problems that dreams of diving may be warning us of.

If you dream that you're diving, this indicates that you're desperately trying to hide something from someone.

If you're jumping off a bridge to dive, you're facing a huge dilemma in life.

When interpreting dreams related to diving, pay notice to the water. If it's clear, your problems will find a solution. However, if you're swimming in a murky water body, expect difficulties along the way.

If you're jumping off a cliff to dive, expect obstacles on the love front. You're en route to entering an affair that could cost you a lot.

If you're jumping into a lake with cold water, someone could pull you into dubious affairs and intrigues.


If in your dream you're diving with your partner, it means you've got some apprehensions toward them. The same dream could be hinting that you're not fully revealing your feelings to that person.

If you dive and see fish around you, you will find a solution to your problems. But you must act calmly wisely.