Taurus and the Other Signs

Taurus Woman

The calm, friendly and peace-loving Taurus needs not only love and compassionate feelings but also privacy, financial stability and comfort.

That's what he is looking for in his partner as well. Taurus has a passionate relationship with Aries which can last many long years. With a representative of his own sign, Taurus can't last long since both partners are way too passive.

With Gemini, the differences in character are too extreme for their relationship to last long. Once the initial sparks die out, it becomes clear that Taurus is tied to one place, while Gemini has constant need of change.


Cancer is one of the most appropriate partners for Taurus. Their relations will be long-lasting and impervious to cataclysms.

With Leo, Taurus has a short and quite unsuccessful relationship. The constant desire for Leo to change partners has a negative impact on the possessive behavior of Taurus.

Taurus and Virgo get along well since both partners have a passion for a high standard of living. This relationship lasts a long time.


Taurus gets along well with Libra but his sense of possessiveness can become a reason for many disputes.

Scorpio and Taurus are a couple that will feel good together and will therefore fight to maintain their love and passion. The 2 signs are also the perfect partners in business.

Taurus can't enjoy a lasting relationship with Sagittarius. Taurus leads a life that's too quiet for the adventurous Sagittarius to ever like.

With Capricorn, Taurus feels great not only in love but also in everyday life. With Capricorn, Taurus can also achieve a lot in a business partnership.

Taurus may have good relations with an Aquarius but it comes at the cost of a tremendous amount of compromises on both sides. However, the suspicion characteristic of both signs leads to conundrums and misunderstandings.

With Pisces, Taurus would find it hard to have passionate relations but their relationship is lasting and quite gentle. Even though their relationship lacks any thrill they can be happy together.

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