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Shortcomings of the Taurus Zodiac Sign

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The Taurus zodiac sign has its flaws, specific to those persons born under that sign. Even though they are generous by nature, Taureans often nitpick about completely pointless things and defend their position, even when they themselves know it's the wrong one.

A Taurus can spend his entire paycheck on an expensive car accessory and in the next instant get into an argument with the salesman about the overpriced air fresheners.

Taurus loves a life of luxury but also likes saving money for a rainy day. He always saves and is at times ready to deprive himself of his regular way of life, just so he doesn't disrupt his pattern of saving.

At the workplace, Taurus is an excellent employee but prefers to carry out only orders he thinks are worthwhile. He doesn't oppose his boss directly but does everything he can to avoid completing the tasks he feels are pointless.

Taurus is patient but if you manage to piss him off, it'll be a long time before he's capable of forgiveness. He is merciless when he's angry and cares not for the feelings of even those closest to him and whether he'd be hurting them.


Taurus loves to joke around at others' expense but if anyone should dare do the same to him, he may react quite aggressively. Even though he presents himself as monogamous, Taurus loves to experiment and is rarely loyal to his beloved.

He may close his eyes to any cheating of the person by his side as long as his friends don't find out about it. Without being too jealous, Taurus does not put up with jokes related to his partner's cheating.

For Taurus it's important what his friend and coworkers think; he's even capable of sacrificing a new friendship or love relationship based on their opinions. Taurus is distrustful, he rarely shares his thoughts even with those closest to him and it's hard to find out what he's thinking.

Taurus looks calm but he may often fall into a state where he loses all control of his reactions. This usually happens when a Taurus's expectations toward a certain person turn out to be a lie - people of this zodiac sign find it difficult to handle that type of thing.