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Which Zodiac Signs are Most Compatible?

Jana G.Jana G.

The position of the planets during a person's birth has an influence on their fate later on and the building of their character.

The opportunity for a successful marriage or serious connection with a person of a zodiac sign suitable for you depends on your own sign.

No matter how skeptical some people are when it comes to the zodiac, even they discover that they feel a strong attraction to certain strangers, while their own relatives frustrate them every day.

The mutual attraction between the different zodiac signs is not a guarantee for a successful marriage, but will still help you find out which sign is suitable for you.

Leos, for example, are attracted to Pisces like a magnet but a happy relationship is only possible if Pisces constantly agree with the Leo's every whim.


Cancers often fall in love with Sagittarii but their relationship is difficult since Cancer is a homebody and the Sagittarius - a constant traveler.

The perfect union is between Aries and Leo, since the Leo generates ideas and the Aries turns them into reality. This couple never feels boredom. The only thing that can put an end to the relationship are the constant outbursts of jealousy from both sides.

The partnership between 2 Aquarians is also excellent. Their peculiar sensitivity would have a hard time putting up with another sign, plus in such a match there are no everyday arguments related to the home or raising of the kids.

Female Gemini get along perfectly with male Gemini. The way too complex character of this zodiac sign puzzles everyone else but a Gemini always understands another Gemini.

Scorpio also gets along well with Gemini, perhaps the only sign of the zodiac which can understand this strange and inconsistent sign. But the partners in this case are primarily bound by the physical aspect of love and their joint life is a bit complicated.


Taurus and Aquarius make a happy couple. In this match, the Taurus usually takes care of feeding the family while the Aquarius takes care of the beauty and coziness of the home.

Pisces get along nicely with Capricorn, especially if they share a common goal. The marriage between Pisces and Scorpio is a joyous one - the difference in temperament makes their life together interesting and challenging.

Libras go great with Leo because they know how to make him feel special. Sagittarii, despite their thirst for freedom, are happy with Aries, but the harmony in the relationship is often interrupted by clashes between their stubborn characters.

The Virgo and Leo are a spectacular couple, which has a chance to enjoy a long and happy life together. If they get past the initial conflicts without drama they will be able to predict the other's desire at all times.

Taurus and Cancer create a magnificent family, since both believe that children are the foundation of a stable marriage. A Cancer can be called the ideal marriage partner, for almost all signs find happiness with him - except Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

Capricorn and Aries can also form a splendid family because they both strive to achieve high goals. Capricorn is suitable for Virgo and Gemini but is most compatible with representatives of his own sign.