Pick a Tree and Find out What Type of Love Partner to Look for!

Trees of Love

If you'd like to find out the strengths and weaknesses you express in a love relationship, pick one of the 5 trees pictured. With this test you'll also find out the type of person that would make the perfect partner for you.

1 - You are a person of action, who doesn't let chance simply pass you by, instead you go for your marked goals with determination. You are a romantic individual with a strong character that anyone can rely on. Creativity is in your blood and you easily find a creative solution in even the most tangled situations. The ideal partner for you is energetic and just as creative as you.

2 - You rarely listen to what others think when you fall in love. You are not the type of person who can fall in love at first sight. You prefer to get to know the person across from you well and only then bridge the gap between you. Relationships built only on feelings are shallow in your view. That's why you need a stable person that's successful in their profession.

3 - You are a dedicated person and your partner and relationship mean more than anything else. You have a tendency to make compromises with ease and give, without expecting anything in return. You are often led by your emotions and intuition whenever you have to make an important decision. You need a person that's just as loving, one who can keep their cool in any situation.

4 - You're a born leader and perfectionist, while you scare off any potential partners with your stern character. You have the need to be in complete control of the development of your relationship and your partner. You can easily forgive and even tend to be the first to take the step toward reconciliation. You'd have an excellent relationship with someone from your friends' circle who fully accepts the peculiarities of your character.

5 - You're a passionate and emotional person, making it easy for you to attract the attention of others. It's not uncommon for dramas to unfold all around you since you keep your personal life to yourself. You love fiery relationships that alternate between periods of harmony and arguments. You need to look for a person who loves changes so that they can keep you interested for as long as possible.

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