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Pick a Card and Find out What you Should Change in your Life!

Card Test

People rarely live in the present. They're either constantly thinking about the past or wondering what will happen to them in the future. In their attempts to try to glean what lies in store for them they check their horoscope, go to fortune tellers and perform rituals such as divination with beans, divination with coffee, divination with tea.

Using tarot cards for readings is also a popular method for predicting the future but it too requires a certain skill set that not everyone has. And not everyone can immediately get their hands on those particular cards. So we would like to offer you an easy way for you to determine what to do in the future in order to be happier.

Simply look at the 12 cards listed in the image above and pick one of them. Remember its number and find out what it symbolizes below. Heed the advice that it'll give you and attract luck to your side.

Card 1

Before you blame others that they're not loving toward you, think about whether you're giving them any. First try to be high-minded, generous and forgiving and then criticize others.

Card 2


Don't worry too much whenever you end up in a difficult spot. Life is constantly changing its course, so remind yourself that even the worst things will soon pass, to be replaced by something better.

Card 3

No one's perfect. Learn to accept and love yourself in your natural state. At the same time, don't give up on learning new skills. Self-improvement will make you better, more attractive and wiser.

Card 4

Learn to be happy with what you have available. Don't compare yourself to others and don't lust after their possessions. Don't forget that what brings happiness to one person may bring misery to another.

Card 5

Stop thinking that something belongs to you or that someone owes you something. Learn to care for yourself and stop trying to blame others for your own mistakes. Forget about greed and start to share your material belongings with others.

Card 6

Enduring negative emotions such as anger, disappointment and hatred is making you direct your energy toward degrading activities. Try to be more positive and invest your efforts into meaningful, constructive and harmonious expressions.

Card 7

Forget about idle talk and focus primarily on actions. Go forward boldly and believe that you'll succeed. Have the courage to ask and the Universe will grant you your desire.

Card 8

Enjoy every small victory. If you look around you'll see that you have many reasons to be happy and thankful. Don't be greedy, learn to be content even with the humblest of acquisitions. Don't forget that spiritual wealth is the greatest of all.

Woman and Dog

Card 9

Don't live with the idea that you'll find happiness only if you're with a certain person. Learn to be happy when on your own as well. Learn, grow, travel. Become complete and love yourself. Only then will someone else start to love you as well.

Card 10

Don't try to smother your loved ones, friends, intimate partners. Let them lead an independent life. Freedom, trust, love - these are the greatest gifts you can give them.

Card 11

Act only with your full conscience. Don't be primal. Primeval behavior won't lead to anything good. Analyze your potential actions well and make sure they won't hurt anyone.

Card 12

Even the seemingly worst development may have something positive for you. It all depends on what kind of meaning you give it. Try to glean the most positivity out of every situation and look at life with nothing other than a smile.