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Mars Enters Aries! Find out What to Prepare for

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From January 28 until March 10, Mars will be moving through the sign of Aries. The red planet is the ruling planet of Aries but enters their sign only once ever 2 years.

In astrology, Mars and Aries define the same qualities - vigor, ambition, assertion of your will. Aries are impulsive persons, who are easily enthused by anything new. They are very conceptual but it's hard for them to finish what they've started.

The movement of Mars in the fire sign is going to make our actions more insistent and independent. A challenge capable of discouraging us from our plans will be something rare indeed.

In the next few weeks, Mars in Aries will be providing us large doses of energy, motivation and initiative. There won't be any need of anyone encouraging us from the sidelines because we're going to have enough courage ourselves to continue forward.

Our competition won't scare us but will stimulate us instead. We're going to be more enterprising than usual. The period is excellent for starting projects because not a single planet will be retrograde.


Rely on your courage and fighting spirit but be ready for competition because you're not the only one who's bound for certain goals.

Because the red planet is also responsible for physical attraction, while it moves through Aries it will make athletic types of people attractive to us, as well as those who have the drive and energy for success.

Mars in Aries is going to make us fearless to the point where we don't think twice before trying something new. We have the opportunity to be pioneers in many aspects, even if sometimes we turn into impatient, aggressive and egotistical brats.