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Pick a Photo and Find out your Greatest Fear

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Every person fears something because fears are simply a part of human nature. But few people know that they have subconscious fears they don't even suspect.

Choose one of the pictures that instills the most fear in you at first glance and read on to find out what you fear most without even realizing it.

1 - Ice cave

You're a person who experiences a great fear of loneliness and you worry about others' opinions. If you find the ice cave frightening, you're most likely more sensitive to other people's opinions and are paranoid that they might abandon you or that you'll feel unneeded in a love relationship.

2 - Tunnel

If the tunnel scares you, you probably find it difficult to trust others; you prefer to keep your emotions to yourself and think only about yourself. It's hard for you to talk about feelings and your greatest fear is that others might use your vulnerable sides to hurt you.

3 - Abandoned building

You're the type of person who jealously guards their fears and desires from strangers and only those closest to you can say for sure what kind of person you actually are. You build walls around yourself because your deepest fear lies in communicating with new people.

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4 - Wooden shack

Poverty is your worst fear. You often worry about your financial situation but you also don't do anything in particular to improve it. You hide a loving and gentle character but your anxieties prevent you from expressing it and others see you as a tense person.

5 - Well

If the photo of the well frightens you the most, you're a person who fears limitations and your biggest dread is losing your freedom. You have an exuberant character and are attracted to adventures and positive emotions, while your greatest desire is to live without being mindful of anyone.

6 - Rabbit hole

You feel a panicky fear of the unknown. You're still trying to find yourself and it's difficult for you to figure out what would make you truly happy. Analyze everything that's going on in order to get to know yourself better and overcome your fear.

7 - Underground site

If the underground site terrifies you, you've likely been facing serious troubles lately. Hardships are just coming in one after the other and your worst fear is that this cycle will be endless. You're way too focused on your past failures and this is preventing you from seeing new opportunities.

8 - Prison

Your fear of prison reveals that you're a hard-working and persistent person, who relies only on their own abilities to make it in life. You have clear-cut goals and dreams and your biggest fear is that you're not going to achieve them. You're excessively focused on your work and don't have any time left for a break.