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The Prophetic Dreams of Each Zodiac Sign! Find out What to Watch for

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Prophetic dreams reveal truths without us even realizing it. Each of the zodiac signs has potential they don't even suspect. They are revealed through dreams.

Sure we've all heard of dream interpretations and dreams that foretell the future. But astrologers believe some people have greater potential for seeing the future in their dreams and that this depends directly on their zodiac sign.

Regardless of how sensitive any one of us is, each sign has its own type of prophetic dream. When you experience it during the night you have to pay it special attention.

If a particular prophetic dream was a pleasant one, you'll wake up with a smile. This means that only good things lie in store for you. But if it was a nightmare, apparently you're going to have to take some kind of measures, in order to prevent what happened in the dream from becoming reality. What this all means for each of the signs, find out below.

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Perhaps it is the water signs that have prophetic dreams more frequently than any of the others. The prophetic dreams they have vary. Pisces need to be careful if they dream of children or gambling. If for example they dream that they've won the lottery, it would be no surprise if they were to receive an unexpected sum of money within days.

But if they dream that they're losing in a casino - they need to be wary of spending or theft. A happy child in a dream portends joyous events. If it's crying, they need to be wary of their behavior toward others because they could be hurting them more than they think.

For Cancer, their prophetic dreams usually have to do with a trip or faraway destinations. In 99% of the cases this portends good luck. It's only when the trip in question is dangerous or when something is constantly going wrong that the dream is negative. If that's the case, be careful and don't go on any trips or undertakings.

Scorpio's dream is a prophetic one if it has anything to do with a test, their career or voices. A test means that there's an exceptionally important event coming up. If they dream of a promotion or recognition at work, that's what's going to happen in real life. And vice versa - criticisms in a dream are going to manifest in reality. When a Scorpio dreams of angels or hears an unfamiliar voice in it, it's their guardian angel trying to tell them something.


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The air signs must not ignore dreams having to do with human relationships and science. Libras and Geminis have prophetic dreams related to relationships. A quarrel with their partner in a dream means it's going to erupt as soon as they wake up. Dreams of cheating remind that they've treated their partner poorly.

On the other hand, if they dream of happy relations, then these can be expected. The interesting thing in their case is that they have the ability to dream of an upcoming date with their partner. Oftentimes they dream of someone calling them, which coincidentally happens minutes after they wake up.

Aquarians have prophetic dreams related to science, where they make an incredible discovery. An idea pops into their head while dreaming, one that they've been unable to come up with while awake.

The advice for them is to, obviously, try to realize it in the waking world. But if in their dream they're trying to fix something, remember something or an experiment is going awry, it means they're going to face hardships when realizing their plans in real life.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The fire signs have the uncanny ability to prophesy global events in their dreams. Since they're quite self-involved, they often dream of themselves as the opposite sex's object of affection. But these aren't their prophetic dreams; for those the person dreaming needs to play the role of a king, general, politician or other important individual.

If they experience such a dream, it's best that they write it down in the morning and then carefully analyze every action and decision made in that dream. They have to figure out what led to it, what the motives were. This way they'll be ready for the grandiose change that's waiting for them in the waking world. They're going to find themselves in situations where they'll need to make crucial choices and decisions, with these being very similar to the ones in the dream.

For Leos there is another kind of prophetic dream. It is one where they witness a bright light or some kind of unusual shining object.


Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The earth signs rarely receive prophetic visions while sleeping. Often they don't even remember what they've dreamed. That is why they need to be even more careful when deciphering the symbolism.

Taurus is gifted with the ability to foresee his own successes. That said, he has to keep an eye out for dreams with coins or the sound of coins clinking together. This is a sign that he'll be given the opportunity to win money which he must not miss under any circumstances.

For Virgo and Capricorn, prophetic dreams are associated with chores in the home or cleanliness in it. If they dream that their home is very dirty, they're spending their time in real life doing something that's not going to bring anything fruitful. If they dream of a warm and clean home, they can expect days of happiness and love ahead.

When they're washing a dish or container in their dream but it remains dirty, it means that in real life they're going to face a problem that's going to take them quite a lot of time and effort to resolve.

Every dream that the signs experience could also be recreating inner fears and dilemmas that they may have. So before associating it with any future events, think about whether or not it's giving you an answer to a question that's been on your mind for several days.