Everyday Techniques for Happiness


Do you want to be happy? Then be. The road to happiness is not as long as it seems.

If you become the victim of a sudden misanthrope attack, you can quite quickly lift your spirits using several simple techniques developed by positive psychology.

1. Recharge yourself - studies show that people who walk faster have a quicker metabolism. Fresh air and sunlight help concentration and the ability to learn new information. So simply get up and take a walk.

2. Meet with friends - close friendly ties are one of the key components to happiness. Socializing helps relaxation and inspiration. If you feel down, just go out with friends for a cup of coffee.

3. Get rid of the difficult tasks - putting in energy into undesirable tasks takes away from one's good mood. Slow down and make a list of everything that you need to get done and don't start all the hard things at the same time.


4. Create a peaceful atmosphere - 1st clear the space around you: throw out any trash and useless pieces of paper. 2nd - make a to do list and write down the results you expect upon completing them. 3rd - apply the 1 min. rule - don't put off anything that you can get done in a single minute.

5. Have fun - the cornerstone of happiness is fun. Set aside time to read an interesting book, watch a comedy or go to a club.

6. Listen to your favorite music - studies have shown that listening to music is one of the most effective ways of creating a positive mood - 92% of people feel happier after listening to their favorite music.

These studies have shown that practicing these techniques increases our level of happiness. When practiced regularly they even become a part of our personality.

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