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Techniques for a Successful, Healthy and Happy Life from Vadim Zeland


Vadim Zeland is a Russian quantum physicist and writer, whose persona is shrouded in deep mystery. He became popular with his books in which he reveals how a person can achieve all of their goals by using fascinating tried and true techniques and methods. Now, familiarize yourself with some of Zeland's advice, so that you can not only realize your goals but also enjoy a happy and fulfilling life:

- Empty dreams lead to nothing. To make them come true you must have purpose. Without it, your dreams cannot become reality. Only through decisiveness and a willingness to act will you be able to improve your life.

- To truly make it, don't just hope and pray for it. Be completely sure that it will happen and in reality it will.

- Define your goals precisely, visualize them and take action toward their realization.

- When you make a mistake somewhere and feel guilty, stop thinking about it. Try to remove this unpleasant feeling from your consciousness.


- Don't be jealous and don't allow negative emotions within you. If we feel dissatisfaction and jealousy, there's simply no way to for us to find happiness in life.

- When you experience a given event, choose for yourself how to react to it. If you see it as positive, the circumstances in the future will be more favorable for you. And vice versa - if you see whatever is going on as negative, this will lead you to an unfavorable detour along life's path.

- Always think positively. This way you'll attract the positive to your life.

- Don't have negative conversations. They also become the cause of unfavorable circumstances.

- Try to get rid of all dark and negative thoughts in your head.

- Live according to your own principles and don't give in to other people's opinions.

- Eat healthy. Exclude margarine, yeast, white flour from your diet. Stop drinking coffee and eating products that contain GMO or trans fats. Instead of unhealthy sweets, eat more dried fruits, nuts, tahini, maple syrup. Season your food with olive oil and linseed oil, instead of unhealthy fats. And never forget that raw food lies at the heart of a healthy life.