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Lunar Phase Advice for the Everyday

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The moon has 4 main phases - new Moon, full Moon, waning Moon and waxing Moon, which all have a strong influence on the majority of our everyday activities.

To save ourselves from trouble, we need to take into consideration the phase of the moon whenever we intend to begin a diet, have beauty treatments, cleanse our body, whenever we start remodeling at home and even when undergoing medical treatment and surgical operations.

You will get the best skin-cleansing results if you do this procedure during a waning moon, especially if treating skin conditions such as acne. You won't have any scars after the treatment.

Moon phases

If you're trying to lose weight by dieting, begin it during a waning moon phase. It is then that your body will be most ready to detoxify. You need to drink lots of liquids, in order to cleanse your body most effectively.

Detoxification of the body needs to be stopped with the onset of the new Moon phase.

The most favorable period for remodeling and cleaning the home is considered to be the waning moon phase. This same lunar phase is suitable for dental procedures such as removing tartar, cleaning a filling or crown.

Full moon

All types of operations and surgical procedures also need to be carried out during a waning moon. A more inappropriate period is that of a waxing moon, while a full moon is not at all recommended for similar types of procedures.

Conflicts become more common during a waxing moon. In addition, during that period, people become more susceptible to aggression, leading to more accidents with weapons and cutting tools, while the full moon is considered the pinnacle of tensions.

During a full moon, our nervous excitability is increased, with many people being plagued by anxiety and irrational fear. The new moon phase can also cause depression and high stress.



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