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The Most Effective Techniques for Manipulation

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Manipulation is an action that helps you convince others of your point of view, without they themselves realizing it. In manipulation, the main objective is to achieve your own goal.

No matter how unpleasant it might sound, people constantly manipulate each other in their daily lives, while trying not to be the victim.

A few proven techniques will surely help you in influencing others to achieve your desire, without them noticing.

Manipulation is an entire science and it is a must to only use proven techniques, which surely have an effect on people, when resorting to it.


Speak self-evident truths

If you want to manipulate someone, avoid the question Why in the conversation and utilize more obvious and trivial phrases, such as, Sometimes people are quite spontaneous or You show character.

The reason is that these phrases have an affect on the subconscious and lead people to react in the same way, regardless of the individual peculiarities of their character.

For example, if a person hears Sometimes people are quite spontaneous about something they have shared, they themselves will see themselves as spontaneous and impulsive without possessing these qualities.

Give a choice without having the right to choose

This is a classic manipulation technique, used by many sales representatives.


Using phrases of the sort Will you be paying by bank transfer or with available cash, as if you've already bought something can actually make you purchase something.

In this method, you need to use 2 alternative possibilities which benefit you, no matter what the person sitting across from you chooses.

Be plausible

Through this method, you can impose your own position in such a way that the other person doesn't feel rejected, but convinced.

Here, you need to often use phrases of the type I thought so too, but; You're absolutely right, but.

This way, the other person will become convinced of your point of view without realizing that you've manipulated them.

When speaking you need to be calm and confident, in order for what you say to have an influence.