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Psychological Techniques for Increasing Self-Esteem

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Psychologists use several techniques to help people increase their self-esteem. These techniques have been proven to work, all you need to do is try them.

The experts emphasize that self-confidence needs to be differentiated from excessive self-confidence. This means recognizing our strengths and weaknesses and using our strengths in our daily lives.

Many people suffer from low self-confidence and this affects every aspect of life - from work to family. That's why it's important to learn to love ourselves.

Each person has shortcomings, but positive qualities as well, which they can focus on.

Look to your positive side

In psychological sessions, they often encourage patients to see their own positive qualities. If it's difficult for you to determine what you like about yourself, ask the people you know.

Then, write down 5 of the character traits that you approve of and next to them - how to apply them in daily life.

For example:


I have a sense of humor - I will laugh more throughout the day;

I am caring - I will do something special for my loved ones every day;

I have a talent - Starting today I will begin to perfect the skills and abilities that I possess.

If you do this every day, soon you will begin to love yourself.

Find out what you're good at and develop these qualities in yourself.

Listen to criticism

Often, people who lack self-esteem are unable to take others' point of view. Criticism can also be constructive, i.e. the statements made toward you can help you improve yourself.

You need only listen to the other person without interrupting them and determine to what extent their remarks can help you. Do not fall into the role of a victim that is being attacked, because even if it seems comfortable, this type of position won't help you develop and be happy.

Sign up for a sport or class

If you love to dance, sing or draw, sign up for a suitable class. That way you will meet people with interests similar to your own and you will improve your communication skills.

Only through initiative on your part can you achieve change and spiritual comfort.