Pterodactyl or UFO over a lake in Argentina?

Pterodactyl or UFO over a lake in Argentina?

A strange flying object is the attentions around the world after the news broke out in Argentina. Local people were able to record a flying saucer or flying dinosaur.

The first signal of the monster was given to a 44 year-old fisherman from San Rafael. He told the English newspaper Daily Telegraph, "The flying 'thing' still has not been established as to what it is exactly".

Locals and tourists are also claiming sightings of strange objects that give conflicting descriptions of it.

The latter argue that the strange phenomenon was flashing in bright light, however others are sure that they have seen a pterodactyl.

Indeed, the flying reptiles lived during the Mesozoic era and is called the Pterosaurs. Pterosaurs is generally divided into Pterodactyl (pterosaurs with short tails) and Ramforinhoidi (long tails).

Members of the company for the Study of UFO, Kriptozoo organizations, suggest that the photographed object may be an unknown substance or a flying dinosaur who had lived on Earth 66 million years ago.

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