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Demonic Being Appears in the Skies Over Zambia

Zambia Sky Creature
Image: cen

A strange occurrence has caused unforeseen panic in Zambia over the past few days. A mysterious human figure appeared in the sky, making locals tremble in fear. Many saw a sinister portent in the body, while others compared it to the kinds of monsters we see in various movies.

The humanoid figure was spotted above a shopping center in Kitwe. According to sources, it was about 328 ft (100 m) long and remained in the sky for half an hour. In that time it was seen by a number of frightened people, with some even photographing it.

The occurrence stirred tremendous interest online, as some saw in the sky figure a dementor - a creature from the Harry Potter series. And while some joked around with the figure, others were genuinely horrified. A significant number of Zambians saw danger and an evil omen in it.

"It was quite scary. Some people thought they were seeing divine intervention but the majority were frightened and returned to their homes, " eyewitnesses say.

And while fans of the occult are interpreting the phenomenon in all sorts of ways, scientists are not that worked up about the figure. They posit that it was formed by nothing other than clouds and believe that the photos of it have been further enhanced with Photoshop.