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Romanian Tourist Snaps Photo of UFO in Kosovo

Kosovo UFO

A Romanian tourist has shot a photo of an unusual object during his hike through a mountain in Kosovo. While exploring Ljuboten peak, he managed to snap a photograph of a round object, hovering in the air. The Romanian man believes that the oval flying object he's snapped a photo of belongs to extraterrestrial beings.

The sensational photo was taken toward the end of October in 2015, when the Romanian tourist decided to snap a few photos during the morning hours of the day.

While he was photographing the mountain, he hadn't noticed anything unusual. It wasn't until he returned home and began looking over his photos that he noticed the golden sphere floating in the air.

"There were over 200 people in the hiking group. But none of them had spotted the flying object, " the Romanian man explains, still unable to believe what he had photographed that October morning.

The photo of the spherical object is quite curious since these kinds of flying objects usually do not descend so low. After all, they would risk being spotted by Earthlings if they were to do so.

"The flying object in the photo appears to be metallic but we don't know for sure if that's the case. It could be made of a material that is unknown to man, " Ufologists say.