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UFO films cause hallucinations

UFO films cause hallucinations

There are more frequent alerts of UFO sightings after a Hollywood and the worlds film studios release a movie objected on the very subject of extraterrestrial beings.

David Clarke from the University of Sheffield is convinced of these observations.

UFO films cause hallucinations

A few days ago the UK government released declassified files revealing sightings and meetings with the UFO.

Clark gives an example of data is those very documents. The number of citizens of Britain informed the authorities that they had experienced encounters with the aliens these claims increased noticeably after movies like 'Independence Day' were released.

The figures is 1995 suggest that number of claims were 117. A year later when 'independence Day' was released to our screens the claims jumped incredibly to 609.

The previous boom was in 1978 when Hollywood released 'Close encounters of the Third Kind' by Steven Spielberg.

The expert David Clark is sure that there is a connection between UFO films and the sightings of the extraterrestrial contact.

'For me, the explanation is as follows: very ordinary people see things such as airplane lights, yet since they watch these particular movies about UFOs they think it is UFOs that they are seeing', reports Clark.