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A Lake Mysteriously Appears in the Middle of a Desert in Tunisia

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A true natural phenomenon appeared out of nowhere among the burning sands in Tunisia. In their official statement, the authorities in the country said that they have no idea where the lake came from.

The lake simply appeared between the dunes and sizzling sands of a desert in Tunisia. In the networking site Facebook, there was even an entire page dedicated to the natural phenomenon.

The bizarre lake popped up near the governorate of Gafsa, known for its great drought and high temperatures.

It is for this reason that the citizens in that governorate of Tunisia remained shocked once they saw the lake.

Official measurements show that the lake covers an area of about 1 hectare (2.5 acres) and is 49 ft (15 m) at its deepest point.


The authorities in the country announce that they still don't have a logical explanation for the occurrence of the water in the middle of the desert. The investigations of the mysterious lake continue, in order to determine how exactly it was formed.

One of the hypotheses considered is the possibility for groundwater to have come up to the surface after the shifting of ground layers.

It is possible for a quake to have cracked the stone wall of a natural underground reservoir, resulting in the groundwater flowing up to the surface and filling the canyon.

The inhabitants of the governorate have been warned not to drink from the water and not to bathe in the lake, since the water may be toxic.

Phosphates, which are very dangerous to health, are mined in proximity of the lake.

Even though there's a chance for the water in the lake to be highly dangerous, it has not been secured in any way and anyone curious enough can swim in it freely.

The area is already known as "Gafsa Beach" and fans of the strange natural phenomenon are posting pictures of their visits to it on its Facebook page.

In the social network, the lake's page can be found under the name LAC De GAFSA.

Most happy about the natural phenomenon are the locals, who have now acquired a beach in 100°F (40 °C) heat.