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Dreams can predict future diseases

Dreams can predict future diseases

The nature of dreams can be diagnosed and can even predict future diseases. Modern medicine has found no link between the diseases of man and the nature of his dreams and that there is no mysticism. Because during sleep the brain is not resting, but switches to another mode. However it does not react to external factors, but is busy verifying the operation of all systems in the body. Subconsciousness begins to actively analyze information that has accumulated during the day, and most important is that it processes and analyzes what the mind has missed. So this type of information is only concerning the signals of our internal organs.

Through the subconscious can be diagnosed

If someone in authority has objections or concerns, even though a disease may not have occurred, the authority sends weak signals to the brain and cause an alert. During the day, these signals are not perceived, but at night the subconscious transforms them into fixed images to be heard. Provoked by such signals, we dream terrible dreams which are almost always saturated with vivid, memorable images. Sometimes these images are directly related to the damaged organs. According to experts, we should not rely on such dreams.

Famous psychiatrists devoted years to the study of dreams. It was said that chronic gastritis may be considered if dreams are analyzed one month prior to the obvious appearance of the symptoms. Similarly, respiratory problems, tuberculosis, asthma and bronchitis, can be seen two months before the symptoms, hypertension, 2-3 months previously, alcoholism, 5-6 months, neurosis and depression from one week to a month prior to diagnosis.

These dreams are how we pursue them, hypertensive earthquakes, accidents, etc.

Heart disease, are usually accompanied by terrible dreams, because that person wakes up in cold sweats at night. These dreams often contain pictures of persecution like someone chasing you and you have a crash in the gulf, or participate in a frantic race to something. Practically always present in these dreams are fear of death.

Hypertension, people with such a diagnosis are sparse and dreams are interrupted by a feeling of anxiety, which keeps a person awake a while. People most often see the following images, natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods), the collapse of a nearby home and remain under the debris, falling in a hole or falling into a big tube, acts of war or terrorist acts. Often dreams of hypertensive patients are saturated with piping sounds from which muffle the ears. Topics of these dreams are somehow able to get your blood pumping and with all sorts of tactics, and you have no opportunity or desire to resist. Not even fear, but indifference and apathy.

Asthmatics dreaming how he sniffed, but those with sick livers - that raw meat

Dreams can predict future diseases

Respiratory diseases and asthma, rapid, feverish dreams and very vivid, sometimes fantastic images. You can feel in your soul in this dream, something big and heavy is pressing your chest or, more ominously, bury you alive in the land, avalanche buries you, or you have a place where it is impossible to breathe, in the hold of a ship or another planet with no oxygen or how the dream wakes you and you want to get away from everything, but do not force it.

Gastrointestinal disorders, people with such problems have typical dreams of not only visual but also taste sensations during the dream, which generally are quite unpleasant. In liver disease they often dream of scraping a wound with a knife accompanied with lots of blood. They feel its taste and feel the bitter taste. For indigestion signal images in which they present raw meat often eviscerated by an animal or even by some spoiled fish, modified or poisonous fruits, vegetables, and the onset of their own teeth. When you have a sense of awakening you feel very sick.



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