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Mercury is Retrograde in Aries! What to Watch Out for

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Mercury is going to be retrograde in Aries from March 23 to April 15. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, technology and travel, while it is in retrograde motion there may be delays and misunderstandings in these fields.

And since it will be retrograde in Aries, it's possible that the mistakes will come as a result of hastiness, volatile temper and lack of diplomacy during communication.

Aries is quite a hotheaded, rough and impatient sign, which is why during the days until April 15 we may find ourselves to be more brash in our ways of speaking and thinking, in turn causing problems for us with others.

Only those who retain their self control even in tense situations will be able to handle the unexpected complications. Patience is in fact going to be the most prized quality over the coming days, so don't rush to give up what you've begun at the first sign of difficulty.

There won't be any lack of chaos in communication and the methods for mass communication but if you're cautious enough and check the new information you receive you're not going to suffer serious consequences.

Also be careful with any new acquaintances because there's a high possibility of you being deceived about their intentions. Don't start any new projects because you may be conned during this period.


The time is also unsuitable for signing new contracts but if you absolutely have to then be sure to check every single point of the contract before signing it. Even the smallest distraction could prove to cost you dearly.

When planning, always be sure to have a backup plan just in case your initial intentions don't work out. If you put all of your eggs in one basket you're not going to be happy if you drop it.

Your actions need to be well thought out and you need to keep an eye out for trouble. You may come across old friends, relatives and partners until April 15 which you need to clear up your relations with.

To find out in which of life's aspects you could face misunderstandings and communication issues as a result of hastiness, check which House in your natal chart is ruled by Aries.



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