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Mercury Enters Aries! Here's What to Expect

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From March 13 to April 1, Mercury is going to be moving through fiery Aries, making all forms of communication more direct and clear. We may demand more independence in terms of our personal opinions.

With the planet of communication and thought journeying through Aries, with all of its leadership skills, we're going to have a greater desire to shine with our knowledge or demonstrate what we've learned in front of an audience.

It's likely that we begin new projects or meet interesting individuals, who are going to help in our development. Meeting new people and relationships are of key importance during Mercury's period in Aries.

Our patience in communication is going to dissipate and as a consequence we're going to be much more demanding and even aggressive when presenting our ideas. Our thoughts are going to flow from one subject into another, while lacking the perseverance to finish what's been started.


New ideas are going to be accepted with great enthusiasm but to transform our intentions into reality we're going to have to be more organized and concentrated, which is going to be difficult in the next few weeks.

Communication is going to be more sharp and impulsive, with us speaking before we think. This directness may become extreme and if we don't set limits we're going to face conflicts with others.

Mercury in Aries also makes us more independent in our personal opinions and our viewpoint is going to severely differ from what we've been thinking before. The planet in this position aids our quick reactions and ability to grasp ideas.

Additionally, this position could be responsible for a number of oversights due to carelessness. We have a green light for starting new projects but have to put in great efforts to finish them.