New Moon in Cancer - Which Wishes Will Come True Today

New Moon

At 11:00 am UTC, the New Moon phase entered the sign of Cancer. The power of the Moon today will help us in fulfilling wishes that fall under the dominion of the water sign.

In astrology, Cancer is responsible for the home, family, sensitivity, safety, security, care for others, gentleness, intuition, growth, protection and closeness to others.

You're advised to write your wishes down on a sheet of paper because this further empowers them. The first 8 hours from the beginning of the New Moon are the strongest, while you can write down your wishes up to 48 hours from the onset of the phase.

After you write down your wish, say a "thank you" and imagine that it has already come true. Your wishes must affect only you and you must not try to influence the decisions and fate of anyone else because this won't come true.

Suitable wishes include: "I want to have more time to spend happily with my family. I want to easily be able to understand others' feelings. I want to be completely happy at home."


The New Moon also predisposes us to starting our plans. This is the best time for coming up with new ideas and working, as well as concentrating on what we wish to realize in the future.

The phase of the Moon in Cancer today may provoke most people to look back to their past, in order to figure out which models of behavior from their childhood have shaped their character.

Memories from your childhood may get you all emotional and take you back years to experiences when you felt loved and protected. You may feel the need to forgive your parents, your children and yourself through your relations with them.

The New Moon also predisposes us to more sensitivity and emotionality. Your imagination may be getting all tangled up with your feelings. Hidden memories from the past may also come to light today.

The day is suitable for staying in and cooking up some delicious dishes. You can also bring changes to your home to make it more cozy.

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