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New Moon in Aries - Which Wishes Will Come True Today

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New Moon Aries

The New Moon phase in Aries began at 02:58 UTC today, March 28. As such, this will help any wish that falls under the patronage of the 1st zodiac sign of the horoscope come true.

Aries supports new undertakings, regardless of the field, as well as courage, honesty, energy, vitality, actions, contests, instinct, risk, leadership and impulsiveness.

The first 8 hours of the New Moon are the strongest, which is why it's recommended to form your wishes within this time frame. It's best to write them down on a sheet of paper, in order to fully realize what exactly you'd like destiny to send your way.

Your wishes must be written down in such a way that they don't affect anyone else. If they do, they won't come true. Additionally, you need to write down when you'd like for your wish to actually come true - the week, month, year.

Examples of suitably formulated wishes include: I wish for an abundance of energy throughout the entire year or I wish to take more risks with ease in love this month.


The New Moon symbolizes rebirth and a new beginning, and this month it indeed falls on the sign that loves to initiate all kinds of new undertakings.

Because the moon phase is in Aries, throughout the day we may be more impulsive or suddenly have an idea for a new business project come to us or simply dive headfirst into a new love.

We'll be easily motivated to move forward. We're also going to radiate more self-esteem and confidence in ourselves. The New Moon also awakens our enthusiasm, which is going to help us in every single field.

A strong will is a typical trait of Aries, leading us to be more active than usual today. The moon phase requires us to be bolder and act instead of hesitate.

Since Aries is a fire sign, inherent in him are a hot temper, rude comments, aggression and a passion for arguing. It's possible that this will affect us and for even the most even-tempered individuals to become more nervous and quarrelsome.



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