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New Moon in Leo - Which Wishes Will Come True

Antonia R.Antonia R.
New moon

Today at 1 hour and 41 minutes past midnight, the new Moon phase enters Leo. This Sunday, all wishes that are in the aspect the fire sign will come true - love, kids, artistry, creativity, kindness.

It would be best to write down your wishes on paper because this way you provide them with the necessary power, and by writing, a person better realizes exactly what they want.

Then, hide the paper so that only you know your wishes. The wishes need to be written down within 24 hours of the onset of the new Moon.

Today, you can only wish for that which is under the rulership of Leo - love, passion, kids, kindness, goodness, creative inspiration, fun, enjoyment, risk taking and new experiences.


When writing down a wish, keep in mind that it needs to affect you alone. Do not include other people, by trying to influence them, because that way your wish won't come true. For example, it's not appropriate to write down I want my daughter to have a child, instead write down I want a grandchild.

The new moon today presents us with the opportunity to begin something new and set new goals. Since Leo is an extroverted sign, who loves being the center of attention, today we need to take a look around and find out whether we are getting the necessary recognition for the efforts we put in.

We need to build inner confidence and not pay heed to criticism.

Leo is also linked with love - giving and receiving love. That is why we need to show our love to the person by our side.


The new moon is also positive from another standpoint - it coincides with the planet of luck, Jupiter, which is also found in Leo. The Sun is also located in the fire sign, which will multiply the energy of everything we intend to do throughout the day.

During the day, we need to find out what makes us unique, one-of-a-kind and to be true to our principles and goals, giving freedom to our creative potential.

The new moon also coincides with the beginning of a new Sun-Jupiter cycle, which will drive us to great victories.