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New Moon in Aquarius - What to Wish for Today

Antonia R.Antonia R.
New Moon

Today at 13:13 UTC, the new moon phase will enter Aquarius, making all wishes that are under the patronage of this air sign come true. The energy of the New Moon is at its highest during the first 8 hours.

When the new moon is in Aquarius, we can wish for things that have to do with friends, freedom, innovation, original decisions, inventions, humanitarian ideas and predictions of the future.

These wishes need to be written down on a sheet of paper and it is important to pick out the time frame in which we would like them to come true.


We must also remember that our wishes need to affect our own life only. If we try to influence others' path in life, we won't achieve that which we had wished for.

Correctly written down wishes are for example: "By the end of the week, I wish to clearly realize what will happen to me in the future" or "I wish to attract affable and sincere friends within 2 days."

The new moon today will lead us to pursue utopian ideas and nonstandard ways of solving our problems. This Tuesday, the energetic and bold people will be granted higher doses of inspiration.

Strive to form contacts with large groups of people and societies that can apply your ideas in practice. Today, research projects will find lots of success.


The new moon in Aquarius will give the feeling that now is the right time to lay the foundations for a new beginning. It wouldn't be surprising if suddenly it turns out that we are filled with original ideas.

Personal freedom will also become a central theme for many. The freedom of spirit on this day will dismiss any kind of limitations and borders. There is a possibility for us to completely free ourselves of our inner barriers and stereotypes during the day.

Aquarius will also inspire the conversations with friends throughout the day. The social aspect opens its most favorable opportunities, which is why we need to seek out our friends, no matter if it's face-to-face or online.