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New Moon in Sagittarius - Which Wishes Will Come True Today

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Sagittarius Sign

At 10:30 UTC today, the New Moon comes in Sagittarius which will help make wishes in the fields under its patronage come true.

The first 8 hours of the New Moon are the most powerful. Find a pen and paper and write your wishes down during that brief period.

The New Moon in Sagittarius will make any wishes related to travels abroad, luck, higher education, religion, legal issues, adventure and the search for truth come true.

The zodiac sign that the New Moon falls on each month shows us which of our dreams get a boost toward their realization. All we need to do is form them into 1 sentence, so that we're clear on what exactly we want.

New Moon

These wishes must only have to do with changes that affect our own life - we shouldn't try to affect anyone else through our wish because this just can't happen.

Examples of appropriate wording of a wish include: I would like to go on a trip to Paris at a price I can afford or I want to attract more adventure in my life.

Don't be humble and frugal because these are not qualities of Sagittarius. Wish for more than you'd actually like.

Be daring and know than even your boldest, most optimistic ideas pale in comparison to the wealth and abundance of opportunities that the Universe has at its disposal.


The New Moon today will push us toward a greater desire for freedom and independence. Today, the majority of people will feel more optimistic, confident and generous.

Sagittarius is a fire sign - characteristic of him are his desire to get to know the world, to travel, to be spontaneous. He goes after any new idea with a passion and not a single second of hesitation.

The energy of Sagittarius will also bring more challenges to our lives by making us act more recklessly. Since it's a New Moon, it's especially important to follow our intuition today.

Today is a suitable day for traveling, exploring other cultures and becoming familiar with various philosophical and religious traditions around the world.