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New Moon in Libra - Which Wishes Will Come True Today

Antonia R.Antonia R.
New Moon

Today at 6:14 GMT the new Moon phase enters into Libra. This Wednesday, all wishes that the air sign rules over will come true - marriage, beauty, harmony and cooperation.

Today's new Moon will make us more tractable and unleash the desire for love and harmony in most zodiac signs.

The day is suitable for starting projects related to beauty, art, harmony, reconciliation, personal and business relations.

The new Moon in Libra sets up the perfect atmosphere for communicating with loved ones and if you've had strained relations so far, the day is suitable for making amends.


Today we will ably avoid scandals, solving our problems diplomatically.

Social contacts and meetings with friends are also recommended. Today you will have the opportunity to create very valuable new associations.

This Wednesday you may discover ideal business partners, providing the necessary ease and clarity in your communication with them.

Singles can look for and find a new partner, who would be in harmony with them and their needs. For those in a relationship, this is the period for devotion and more romance.

It is believed that wishes come true during the new Moon. However, today you can only wish for things that are under the patronage of Libra - marriage, partnership, beauty, harmony, balance, diplomacy, teamwork and cooperation.


Write your wishes down on a piece of paper but be sure not to include other people, otherwise they won't come true. Your wishes must only have to do with you.

For example: I want to attract the right person, whom to marry.

Today you can take extra care in creating beauty and comfort by decorating the space around you with scented candles or flowers. This will provide you with a powerful positive charge.

During the new Moon, allow yourself to step outside of your routine by doing something different and nonstandard. You can change your usual route, talk to a stranger or buy a new article of clothing.