A Magical New Moon in Pisces - Wishes Come True Today

New Moon

The New Moon in Pisces set in at 5:54 am today, March 9, which will make all wishes related to the water sign come true, as long as you write them down on a piece of paper within 48 hours of the New Moon's onset.

All wishes related to dreams, forgiveness, imagination, compassion, spiritual growth, intuition, peace and altruism will come true today.

The first 8 hours of the New Moon are the most potent, you can write down up to 10 wishes on a sheet of paper within that time frame, as long as they have to do with one of the areas of the sign of Pisces. When formulating your wish, it's also important to mention the period by which you want it to happen.

Also remember that our wishes must only affect our own lives. If we try to influence other people's paths in life, we won't achieve our wish.


Properly written down wishes are, for example: I want my imagination to be richer starting today and give me more good ideas; I want to be able to easily forgive the people who have disappointed or hurt me by the end of this week; I want my intuition to head in the right direction all the way through the end of the year.

Today's New Moon will lead us to dream but also say our goodbyes to those illusions which simply cannot happen. Analyze your present situation thoroughly and forget about what you've clearly known for a long time won't happen.

Listen to your inner voice and do what it's hinting at, even if it's unusual and perhaps challenging.

Individuals with creative professions will have a successful day today because their imagination will be working full steam and they'll realize their ideas more easily.

Today is also suitable for meditation, yoga and other activities with which you'll enhance your spiritual side. You'll understand the signs of the Universe more clearly today and may reach important insights into life.

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