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Pick a Flower Bouquet! Find Out What Summer has in Store for you


Dying to peer into the near future and find out what summer has in store for you? You don't need tarot cards or coffee divination.

Simply pick 1 of the 8 flower bouquets. See what each symbolizes and find out what your summer will be like.

1. Tulips

You've got a relationship coming up that's suitable for a soap opera plot. Passion, tribulations, bitterness and forgiveness are going to accompany your summer days and you're definitely not going to be bored.

2. Daisies

Expect a pure, innocent and beautiful love, just like in fairy tales. Give it your all to keep it because it's going to be very significant and valuable to you.


3. Red roses

You're ready to reveal your heart to someone but be cautious. If you rush, you'll only scare the object of your desires.

4. Sunflowers

Carefree moments, euphoria and happiness are on the horizon. Even the littlest things are going to make you smile.

5. Daffodils

A person you highly regard will prove their devotion to you.

6. Orchids

This summer you're going to improve your standard. Trips to exotic destinations, romantic cruises and lavish parties are just part of the adventures that await you.

7. Violets

This summer you're going to add a very special person to your social circle. Not a new partner but a good friend.

8. White roses

This summer you're going to receive a marriage proposal or start living together with your partner. The number of people in your family may increase by one.