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Shortcomings of the Libra Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Every zodiac sign has its shortcomings and Libras are no exception. Among these shortcomings is their nearly complete absence of any sense of humor, which prevents them from communicating adequately with others and understanding their jokes.

It's as if Libras repel any luck in love, due to their insecurity, which prevents them from easily finding a partner. Individuals born under this sign are phlegmatic and rarely get any work done on time, leading others around them to see them as unserious.

Representatives of this sign find it difficult to make their own decision on whatever it might be and prefer to have someone else make it instead, so that they can transfer the responsibility and guilt onto them if things don't go according to plan.

Libras are easily panicked by challenges and are never ready to take even the slightest risk. They have a hard time dealing with even the smallest problem and always rely on help from their loved ones, who take care of them as if they were little kids.


Libras see themselves as sophisticated art appraisers and always try to shine in this regard in front of someone, so that that person feels insufficiently informed on the issue.

For Libras it's completely normal to misuse information they receive from loved ones, never thinking twice about telling everyone else where they learned it from.

Libras are capable of abandoning their loved ones, who are in trouble, and it's generally difficult to get them to help anyone. Persons born under this sign are afraid of problems and try to avoid them at all costs.

You'd be hard-pressed to make a person of this sign take responsibility for something happening to someone because of them and the Libra at fault will still believe that he's completely innocent.

Libras are difficult marriage partners. They expect everything from the person they love but are not ready to make even the smallest compromise for anything. Libras think they are perfect and don't put up with even the slightest hint of criticism aimed at them.