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Shortcomings of the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Those born under the sign of Cancer have certain shortcomings, which if you happen to know can make it a lot easier for you to get along with people of this zodiac sign. One of Cancer's greatest shortcomings is that he is a sworn individualist and born dictator. He has the appearance of one who is sensitive but wants everything to happen his way.

If he doesn't get his way, a person born under this sign can turn aggressive or vengeful because he can't stand someone rebelling against him. Cancer really loves to argue and can never allow not being the winner in that regard.

One of the characteristic traits of Cancer is that he loves to openly make fun of even his friends, without even a single thought as to what he might be causing them. He cannot stand criticism and grudgingly defends his positions, even if he himself knows they are wrong.

No one is capable of changing a Cancer's decision if he's made up his mind about something. Often it just so happens that the individuals from this zodiac sign build their self-esteem by trampling over that of others around them, without feeling any remorse whatsoever.


Those born under this sign dislike strong adversaries. Once they sense serious opposition, they back down. Even though he is unsure of himself, Cancer tries to show everyone else that he is a self-confident and staunch persona, one that all need to bow down to.

People from this sign are often recluses and don't like to share neither their joys, nor their sorrows, even with their closest friends. Even though extremely sensitive and easily offended, Cancer tries to hide this quality.

The worst part is, representatives of this zodiac sign never forget and never forgive insults. He will get revenge as soon as the time is right, even if months or years pass since he was offended.

Oftentimes, those born under this sign can't even share their feelings with their beloved, which usually causes their relationship to suffer.

It's very difficult for Cancer to find a soulmate, and even harder for them to keep them, since very few people can put up with the complex character of this sign.