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Shortcomings of the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Among the shortcomings of the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the one that stands out the most is their habit of not telling the truth. For Sagittarius, the use of lies to his advantage is something normal, although he himself hates being lied to and becomes absolutely furious if he finds out that someone has committed such injustice upon him.

He never changes his mind on certain issues and thinks himself an authority in every field. It's very difficult to argue with him because Sagittarius sees himself as a person who never makes mistakes and always knows the right answers to every question.

Often, Sagittarius patronizes those close to him and is baffled why they aren't like him intellectually. Individuals born under this sign love to command, for them it's a matter of honor for others to carry out what they believe is right. Otherwise, arguments and fights result, regardless of whether there are strangers around.

Sagittarius places his interests above everything else and is ready to sacrifice a friendship of many years should it get in the way of his achieving a certain goal.


Even though he often has the wrong assessment about people and life situations, Sagittarius can't stand anyone giving him advice because he thinks he possesses plenty of intellectual potential to do a good job with everything.

Sagittarius loves being in loud groups of people where he's the center of attention. If others pay attention to someone else, Sagittarius may leave right away or permanently sever his relations with at least some of the people gathered.

Persons born under this sign have no problem discussing the secrets of his loved ones with others. They never think about what they're doing. But if someone reveals their own secret they can hold a grudge for years, believing that no one has the right to poke their nose in their personal life.

Sagittarius has a hard time acknowledging the good qualities in anyone else. It's important for him to constantly receive compliments about everything.

At times, folks born under this sign appear to be truly pedantic and scrutinize every detail to the point where they are capable of causing disputes about the smallest thing; it's as if they are looking for any excuse to do so.