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Full Moon in Scorpio - the Messages on This Day

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Full Moon

On this Monday, at 3:41 UTC, the full moon phase will shine in Scorpio - the sign of mysteries and deep, hidden emotions. The full moon today will bring to the fore the questions that have been on our minds since the last new moon.

The full moon in Scorpio pushes people to experience their feelings more intensively and provokes going back to the past, to those painful moments that still affect our consciousness in order to overcome whatever may be bothering us and begin with a clean slate.

The full moon in the water sign may cause us to obsess over past events or people to the point of mania.

The moon phase forms a tense aspect with Jupiter so don't let your emotions run wild, keep your reactions in check and don't give promises that you're not completely sure you'll be able to keep.

The day is suitable for mastering and understanding your own strength. The energy today predisposes you to cleansing your consciousness and laying the foundations for a new beginning.

Use your creative potential and you'll be able to change a given aspect of your life. If you require more insight, today is the day to discover unsuspected truths.


The full moon today will help us understand which relationships, people, pains and fears are unnecessary and get in the way of our development. It's possible we may feel a spontaneous desire to sever the ties with everything old.

The manifestation of envy and lack of will to make compromises will be typical for this Monday. Most people will be feeling critical and be excessively demanding.

Our intuition will intensify and we'll be able to more easily sense the people in our surroundings and their weak points. Whenever the moon is in Scorpio, concentration is good.

The moon in Scorpio also forms a harmonious aspect with Neptune in Pisces. This aspect will make us a bit slothful and we'll feel like lazing around a bit. But the creative people will be inspired by this positive position for more creative work.

Additionally, it will be an excellent day for psychologists and psychotherapists, criminologists, researchers and seers. Our dreams may also be bright and filled with messages regarding the future.