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Clearing Up Karma Through Energetic Practices


One possible cause and explanation for today's fast-paced and stressed out world, filled with fear and aggression, could be the karmic struggle of people's souls and the negative external energies tormenting mankind's spiritual nature.

Despite the apparent hopelessness there is an effective energetic practice for auric cleansing using cosmic energy.

The healing occurs in the form of a powerful energetic seance that removes blockages of the chakras and human body in general.

No matter how complex it may sound, the entire process can be completed in 21 days and afterwards a person achieves complete communication with their spiritual levels and successfully channels the positive energy of space, which then begins to flow through them unhindered in the form of purest light.

The technique was invented by Reiki healers centuries ago. The process of healing the subtle bodies is done using the aid of an exceptionally loving light energy, which is transmitted through thoughts, prayers directed at human energy fields and bodies.

Through it we can harmonize the physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual bodies and the connections between them.


During the actual process we ask for the connection and activation of the 12 DNA strands which paves the way for clearing up all levels and expanding human abilities. Through this process the soul manages to cleanse its karma to a great extent and achieve enlightenment.

Energetic cleansing removes the effects of black rituals, magic, curses, including inborn ones from current and past lives, as well as hexes that have trapped a person in pain and spiritual disunion.

The powerful spiritual practice puts an end to possession, possessive spirits and beings and other negative elements. It also allows for one to find negative objects in the home, as well as individuals around us who steal our energy.

What's important to know before beginning the actual ritual is that the person must have fasted for one day and spend an hour in meditation, to free themselves of negative thoughts and direct their mind toward the cosmos, before beginning. The actual ritual is completed within 30 min.