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Be Careful with the Words you Speak! They Change your Karma


Human speech has long been seen as a very powerful weapon. With your spoken words you may not only affect others but yourself as well. But the ancient Indian teachers believed that if our words were negative we could also bring about serious complications on ourselves.

It turns out that the words we speak even have the potential to change our karma. This is why we must always think very seriously before we say anything. It's important to know that we can change our life for the worse even just by reprimanding someone.

By criticizing and gossiping about someone we can attract their qualities and have their problems catch up to us quickly. We won't even notice how the habits we hated in them have appeared in us as well.

Whenever someone criticizes someone else, they take the negative from their character and transfer it unto themselves. In contrast, the one being criticized feels purified and free of the negativity, occult experts believe.

On the flip side, if we praise someone and have the purest of thoughts about them, we may also obtain some of their luck and improve our life. But to achieve this we would have to speak of them with authenticity because if we actually envy them deep within, the effect of our words won't be beneficial for us.


In order to be met with luck, happiness and success, we have to not only give up comments aimed at others but also stop stressing our own virtues. Whenever we do a good deed, there's no need to show it off. If we allow ourselves to flaunt, there's a chance of losing everything we've earned.

It's also important to know that we shouldn't share our plans with others. If we really want our intentions to come true, we need to act more and talk less, the ancient wise men would say.