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Numerology and your career

Numerology and your career

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in life. What we choose to work as, may very well affect your future. Make sure you make the right decision. Numerology can help in this regard.

Numerology is the study of the influence of numbers in people's lives. Evaluate your desires and compare them with what numerology shows.

To understand what your personal number is and the profession it is best to lean towards, you must collect the figures of the date, month and year of your birth by adding each of these figures alone.

For example, May 12, 1980 is calculated as follows: 1 +2 +5 +1 +9 +8 = 26. When the number is more than 9, you must add the two figures to see what happens. In this case, it is 8.

Here's what numerology advises on careers.

If your number is 1, you are a born leader and have a strong desire to manage. An ideal career is to engage in private businesses and to aspire to politics.

Number 2 is typical of people who are devoted to love and friendship. They are ideal for jobs that require assistance and care - counselors, consultants, nurses and diplomats.

Number 3 is characteristic of an artistic nature. If this is your number, you will succeed with a creative career in advertising as well as in design.

The number 4 is typical of hard-working and practical people. They are the ideal team player. They can become good business partners and administrators, it is important for them to be part of a team.

Number 5 is the number of people who are bold and daring, they fear the routine. They make great writers, these are people that are very keen to constantly be in motion.

The number six belongs to people who are perfect for teachers. They are ideal employees in the health field too.

If your number is 7, you have very good intuition and a keen wit. Sometimes you are eccentric, but are great at working with high technology.

People that are of the number 8 usually attract money. They are great for big business.

Number 9 belongs to a person who is inspired and guided by intuition. This is the ideal employee for a profession that requires organization and order.