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What the Zodiac Signs Should Expect Until the End of January


This Tuesday, Venus enters Pisces, which will make feelings of falling in love deeper but also more obsessive. At the end of the week, the planet of love forms a positive aspect with Neptune.

Aries - You are more distracted than usual

In the middle of the week, the Moon will be traveling in your sign, which will make you more reliable on issues related to your family. The transitioning of Venus into Pisces, in combination with the retrograde Mercury, will increase your distractedness. At the end of this week you may meet some old friends of yours.


Taurus - Evaluate your workplace

The 1st half of the week is the perfect time for you to make the necessary evaluation of your workplace. If you feel that the criteria toward you lately have been too high, this is the right time to defend your position. Starting Tuesday, your sign ruler, Venus, will be moving in Pisces, leading you to bring people on your side.

Gemini - You will seek more social contacts

This week you will seek more social contacts. You may feel the need to better your educational or professional level. Beginning Tuesday, Venus will be traveling through your area of career and professional development, so you can expect more justice and order at the workplace.

Cancer - Put in efforts for good results

The movement of Venus in your kindred sign of Pisces until February 20 will support your ambitions and goals in the love aspect. But to achieve the intimate relations that you seek, you will need to put in efforts. You will also have a strong will for professional development, but once again you will have to work for it if you want to see decent results. The week will also be suitable for socializing with more people.

Leo - You are expected to keep your promises

This week you are expected to show strong character and defend your position. A loved one will remind you of an old promise you gave in the past. This is the time to prove that you can keep your word. You can make use of the planets' aspects to renegotiate old arrangements of yours. Do not spend needlessly this week.


Virgo - Your bond with your partner grows tremendously

The transitioning of Venus into your opposite sign of Pisces will intensify your romance and bring you closer to your partner. Your love connection will grow stronger, while your partner will display more empathy and understanding. Until the end of January you will enjoy distinct clarity when it comes to love, completely purging all feelings of mistrust and jealousy.

Libra - It's time to take care of yourself

The presence of Venus in Pisces starting this Tuesday until February 20 will be the ideal period for you to do something just for yourself. Pay a little extra attention to your own comfort and to your health. At the end of the work week, an unfavorable aspect between Venus and Saturn may bring greater tension in your business meetings.

Scorpio - A week of romance and love lies ahead

The planetary aspects this week will guide your attention toward your family and your partner. Prepare a gift or surprise for your beloved and it will be highly appreciated. You will meet with your parents or other family members more frequently this week and you'll have a truly great time. For lonely Scorpios, the week is perfect for flirting but not for serious connections.

Sagittarius - Small nuisances will disappear

Venus in Pisces will bring you extra fun and partying. You will witness the small nuisances completely vanish from your everyday life. Small changes at home are a possibility and because of Mercury's retrogradation, some of your plans will delay but this will not ruin your good mood. In your romantic relationship you will revel in high passion.

Capricorn - You will get angry over inconsequential things

The retrograde Mercury continues to have a negative influence on your finances, because of which you are advised not to make any huge purchases until February 11. You must also be very careful when signing documents. You will focus on love but you may become overly angry over trivial things in your relationship.


Aquarius - Extra money to come

The planetary aspects this week will help you financially, you may earn extra money. Spoil yourself, buy something you like or go shopping. Jupiter is traversing your zone of relationships and you can expect an excellent week in love.

Pisces - The world will seem brighter to you

Venus in your sign will further your tendency of idealization of everyday life. You will display a greater sensitivity toward the needs of others and see a brighter world. Be careful for someone to not take advantage of you during this period. You are in a poetic and creative mood - this will lead to successes if you work in such a field.