What the Zodiac Signs Should Expect During the New Week
Какво да очакват зодиите през новата седмица
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What the Zodiac Signs Should Expect During the New Week

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The new Moon this Monday will help most zodiac signs of the horoscope begin their new projects. A square between Venus and Saturn on Tuesday will test your patience.

On Wednesday, Venus and Mars will form a square, which will increase tensions, while the opposition between the Sun and Neptune on Friday will provide you with a strong incentive to help others.

Aries - Don't deal with finances

This week you will definitely kick your bad habits and begin to pay closer attention to your health. Now is not the time for loans and credit, with the planets advising you to wait till next week before you begin dealing with finances. The week will be appropriate for a break.

Taurus - Start your plans on Monday

The new Moon on Monday will bring more romance to your daily life. You need to begin working on all of your plans as early as Monday in order to enjoy remarkable results later on. At the same time, you mustn't be stubborn and make others do anything against their will.


Gemini - Don't overburden yourself with tasks

This week you will sense a strong pressure at your workplace. It's possible for you to initiate projects, whose realization requires great efforts on your part. Don't overburden yourself with tasks, because you will regret it. Instead, you need to surround yourself with friends and relax more.

Cancer - Your partner will disappoint you

Through cooperation and compromise, you will manage to stabilize your relationship, even though your partner will greatly disappoint you throughout the week. When it comes to finances, you need to control yourself a bit more and look for additional opportunities for earning money.

Leo - Peace and harmony at home

Positive changes will take place at home. If those close to you have been making you feel unsatisfied and tense, this week you will achieve full peace and harmony with them. You will attain a positive outlook and focus on your future plans.

New moon

Virgo - You can realize the changes you've dreamed of

Mixed signals from news will provoke anxiety in you. It is possible to affect someone close to you the most. Even so, the week will provide you with the perfect opportunities to realize the changes you've been dreaming of for quite some time. The sooner you act, the better the results will be.

Libra - Begin spiritual activities

The week predisposes you to spiritual activities, such as meditation or yoga. Spiritual practices will have a positive effect on your lately stressful daily life. Your friends will also help you relax, fueling you with positivity.

Scorpio - Your relationship with someone close to you will be put to the test

Your relationship with your partner or close friend will be put to a serious test during the week. Instead of giving up every time you face an obstacle, focus and try to solve your problems. Despite the enormous tension this week, you will feel very confident.

Sagittarius - Take advantage of the opportunities

This week you will be made an offer to travel, which you will be unable to resist. Getting ahead in your career is also possible, considering that you're starting long-planned projects. Make use of the opportunities before you and you will discover that dreams can come true much quicker than you had thought.


Capricorn - A friend will test your patience

This week a friend or colleague will test your patience. You need to be ready to make many compromises if you want to maintain good relations with them. In the next few days, your attention will once more be focused on finances, with the possibility of you receiving a few good points of advice in this field.

Aquarius - Harmony in every aspect

The planetary aspects this week predispose you to apply for a loan, since you won't face any complications in this field. Thursday and Friday will be your best days this week - you will get everything you want. You will also enjoy harmony with your relations with others.

Pisces - A little effort is needed for you to realize your plans

This week you will discover that your dreams are not as far off as you had thought them to be. In order to make your grand plans come to fruition, just a bit of effort is required. The new Moon on Monday will provide new growth for your romantic relationship, which will ascend to a new level.