Unlock Your Luck with a Lock

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The rituals which ancient people used in order to unlock their luck and prosperity in life are still relevant today. One of the most popular among these was a ritual done with a lock. It doesn't require magical abilities, while the result is beyond satisfactory.

Unlocking one's luck with a lock is a mystic ceremony, an ancient ritual that's being used ever more frequently in our day. One of the most popular traditions, practiced most commonly in Italy, is the vow that couples in love give each other by locking their love with a lock on the Milvian Bridge. They then throw the key in the Tiber river.

Unlocking one's luck is done through the action of unlocking a lock. The key, in turn, is also a magical instrument. The act of opening the lock is linked to the attraction of happiness.

The ritual of unlocking luck with a lock can be used by anyone. If you're feeling that something in your life isn't going the right way, it's time to change your luck. It's suitable for all sorts of situations - problems at work, in love or financially. If something in life just isn't right, this ritual is perfect for you.


What you need for it is a new lock. Don't use an old one because it is loaded with another person's energy. Lock the lock and place it under your pillow. Sleep on it at least 3 nights.

On the 3rd day, take the lock with you and go to a street intersection. Stand calmly and make your prayer. Send your wish out to the Universe.

Ask it to help you and bring you better luck in life. When you're done, unlock the lock and find a river. Throw the lock into it, along with the key.

This ritual for unlocking luck is harmless and easy to do. Unlike other similar ones it does not require chanting certain magical incantations. You can't hurt yourself or loved ones in any way.

The only thing that can happen is for luck to smile upon you. The ritual of unlocking frees you from negative energy and makes you look at life in a new, positive way.