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Unlock your Genius with a Pen and a Kitten!


There are literally thousands of studies about how to improve a person's brain function, so that they become smarter. The majority of them are so profuse with scientific terms that if you understand them it means you've already reached the end goal.

But the truth is there are several simple tricks by which you can unlock your inner genius. Most of them are so elementary that they border on the unbelievable. And here they are:

Stop Whining

Excessive whining is bad for the brain. Studies show that unwarranted whining, even 30 min. a day, leads to higher levels of the hormone cortisol, which makes it more difficult for brain cells to communicate and even leads to brain death. Over time and with continued bouts of negativism, this shrinks the hippocampus (the part of the brain that stores long-term memories and spacial navigation). The trick is not to whine but to complain, while giving well-founded arguments for it. This will boost your brain activity and help you get rid of the negative energy.

No More Order - Let Chaos Reign

The human brain is very receptive to impressions. A messy work space, office or room makes us think messily (creatively). This disordered way of thinking leads us to have more innovative and unexpected ideas.

Kittens? Genius

If you feel guilty that you're watching YouTube videos of sweet little kittens or charming babies, don't. Funny or touching clips help you get rid of stress. A study shows that 30 min. of watching these types of videos lowers cortisol levels by 67% and adrenaline by 35%.

Replace your Keyboard with a Pen

Taking notes with a pen instead of hitting keyboard keys makes us use our brain more. It's been proven that students who take notes with a pen instead of a laptop have a stronger conceptual understanding of the subject.

Onward to Success with Sarcasm

Instead of listening or telling stupid jokes, use sarcasm. Be sarcastic or listen to someone who already is. This will make you keener of mind. A sharp mind, which is needed for sarcasm, leads to usage of the left side of the brain, which usually interprets the meaning of words, as well as the frontal lobes, which understand emotional and social context.