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Don't Kill Stink Bugs in your Home, They Bring Luck!

Stink Bug

With fall finally here, you may find your home under siege by those pesky green bugs that give off a fetid smell. As you may have guessed, we're talking about Palomena prasina, more famously known as the stink bug.

You'll find them all over your flowers, laundry, furniture and just about anywhere else, with women falling into sheer terror at the sound of their noisy buzzing.

But it gets even more terrifying when someone tries to shoo them away or kill them because at that moment the green critters release their unbearable, nauseating stench.

And while most among the younger generation try to desperately get rid of the annoying bug from their home and fall into a hysteria at its presence, older folks take it a lot more calmly, with an air of happiness and even hope. According to some old folk beliefs, it turns out, the appearance of a stink bug in the home is good luck and will bring prosperity and well-being.

If you see a stink bug in your home, don't kill it because you'll only drive away your good luck. When this little critter appears, expect to have material prosperity ahead.

The more bugs you see, the greater this prosperity will be, say folk experts, who have learned of the supernatural abilities of the stink bug from their grandparents.