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Advice on Remaining Healthy and Young from a Shaolin Monk


One of the most common things we wish for ourselves and our loved ones is to be healthy but what do we actually do to remain healthy? In order to preserve our youth and good health we need to learn one main thing - balance.

Balance in diet, work, rest, exercise, feelings. This is among the main points of advice given by Shifu Yan Lei, a Shaolin monk. Here are the other tips of advice given by the monk for maintaining energy and youth:

- There are 2 types of people - those who talk and those who act; actions are more important than words.

- People must learn to control their feelings, even when they are very happy. If a person does not know how to control their feelings, this can rob the lungs of energy or the power of the vital winds (leng energy).

- Don't think too much about whatever it may be - this causes harm.

- Over eating is also harmful to the body - especially to the spleen.

- Work is vitally important for the health of a person - everyone must do something, to feel useful. However a person must also give themselves a well deserved rest - for every 40 min. of work a person must set aside 10 min. of rest. Whenever you concentrate your vision on the same thing for too long a period, you can cause harm to it.


- The balance of feelings is exceptionally important for the health of a person and for remaining young. In order not to harm your intestines and liver, you must not get too sad and not experience everything too strongly.

- The main principle of success and health is slow progress - excessive haste and rushing do not bring satisfaction.

- Exercise should not be excluded from everyday life. Constant rest, the practice of meditation or qigong (the system of breathing and body exercises) can cause a loss of energy and unbalance the Yang energy.

- On the other hand, a person must always set aside time for rest after physical exercise. The absence of relaxation can quickly cause a loss in Yin energy, thereby offsetting the harmony between Yin and Yang.

- If you don't know how to find the balance between Yin and Yang energies, the monk recommends learning kung fu. It does not matter how long this may take, the more important thing is for a person to discover what their body needs in order to harmonize Ying and Yang, he adds.



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