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Star signs and health

Star signs and health

Representatives of different zodiac signs are susceptible to various diseases. For example, Aries recover rapidly from illness, but often suffer from mental disorders and neuralgia. Stomach, teeth and eyes are his weak spots.

Taurus representatives often suffer from throat and bladder problems. The heart and genitals are also problematic areas. Taurus is weak in that, if felled by disease, resistance is difficult.

Gemini representative are susceptible to breakdown, and are affected by changes in weather, which often ends with a cold. Rheumatism, allergies and problems with joints are common in these individuals.

Cancer representatives often get stomach problems that arise mainly because of their hypersensitivity. Representatives of this sign are living proof that health depends directly on the mood and nervous system - when they are happy, they are healthy.

Leo representatives are in danger of heart attacks and strokes, mostly due to the fact that they allow too much physical exertion, without sparing the heart and head.

Virgo representatives suffer from diseases of the gall bladder, stomach and pancreas, and have a tendency towards hernias. The torments of the Virgo are of ruining the digestive system.

The Libra representatives are threatened by diseases of the bladder and stomach, mostly because of their passion to be pungent. Representatives of this sign must ensure that the smallest signs of hyperthyroidism are treated.

Scorpio representatives enjoy good health, which, however, can suffer overload. Diseases of the digestive system and skin plague Scorpio.

Sagittarian representatives recover quickly from sickness. Psychological stress can, however affect his overall health. Joint problems and respiratory diseases are common in Sagittarius.

Capricorn representatives must be kept warm, as they are prone to catching a cold. Their bone system suffers from lack of calcium, so be sure to load your body with this item.

Aquarian representatives suffer from the most common problem, varicose veins. Eyes, heart and nervous system of the Aquarius are also prone to various diseases.

Pisces representatives are easily infected by respiratory diseases. Nervous system, liver and white lungs are their weak their spot. Improper diet can lead to liver problems.