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Darkness Makes us Evil

Nina NordNina Nord

A study by scientists from Toronto proved that darkness and especially bad lighting in rooms are the reason for the unleashing of the worst type of behavior in people.

3 experiments proved that people act much more egotistically and badly when they work in insufficiently lit rooms or while wearing sunglasses. According to the scientists, darkness, even the one from sunglasses, leads to negative consequences.

They are of the mind that the phrase "Good lamps are the best police" may prove to be completely true. In the first of the 3 experiments, the people who worked in badly lit areas, lied more.

This was mainly caused by their desire to earn more money. In contrast, the people who worked in well lit areas, did not often turn to lying as a means of monetary gain.

2 additional experiments helped the scientists discover that people who played computer games with their sunglasses on behaved more egotistically than players without sunglasses.

This became most evident in the computer games where the individuals played in pairs, with one of them wearing sunglasses and the other - not. Those with the sunglasses acted like complete egotists and were unable to work as a team.

Bad behavior

In all 3 experiments, it was still light enough for the participants to be able to see the others and identify them. But those wearing sunglasses later confided that they felt as if they were in a hidden area.

Because of this, darkness increased their chances of acting arrogantly and egotistically, scientists are certain. In their view, the darkness creates some type of illusion of anonymity and impunity.

This leads people to act meanly and unethically and mainly pursue their own self-interests, even when it comes to those they hold dear.