Folk Beliefs for Attracting Money

Folk Beliefs for Attracting Money

Money is never enough, even for millionaires. That is why, since the existence of the human race, all kinds of ways to increase wealth and increase money at home have been sought.

There are dozens of folk beliefs for attracting money at home, which our ancestors strictly followed. Whether these beliefs and rituals will bring you luck is debatable, but on the other hand, miracles do happen at Christmas and there is no reason not to try at least some of them.

Rules for borrowing money and asking for a salary increase

You should not borrow money from relatives or friends on Tuesday. If you have to lend money yourself, then by all means do it early in the morning. Any money transactions made after noon will almost certainly fail.

You should look for an increase in salary on Wednesday during the day, because then your chances are greatest. And one more thing that may seem a little unbelievable to you - give money to have money.

Leave the salary overnight

Wise people have said that you shouldn't spend your paycheck right away, even if it's hard and you have to pay a bill right away. This is done so that the money you have earned will love you. You should not spend a single penny and the entire amount should spend at least one night in your home.

Do not lend your neighbors bread or salt

It can happen to everyone that they forget to buy a product and then the neighbors come to the rescue. Although it is good to help each other, we recommend that you do not give your neighbors bread or salt, because then monetary security will leave your home.

Don't clean the crumbs from the table with your hand, because that will lead to being poor

Keep money in the pockets of your clothes even when you are not wearing them. Fill the pockets of clothes hanging on a hanger in the wardrobe with coins and bills for blessing and financial fortune. Also make sure you don't have any torn pockets or lost buttons.

For the same reason, you should never keep your wallet empty, it is important to have some money left in it, even if it is only pennies.

To have money in your home, you should not keep the broom against the wall, but hang it somewhere with the handle facing down.

Financial fortune runs away from people who earned their money dishonestly, stole it from someone or received it by mistake.

And last but not least. Make a triangle from a 10 banknote and store it in the smallest compartment of your wallet.

Along with it, put a lucky coin - last year's luck from Christmas Eve filo pastry pie or money received from a good person.

Magic rituals to attract money

Candle ritual

Attracting money with candles

For this ritual you need a green blanket, 7 green candles and incense. Given that midnight is considered a good time to attract the cosmic force that brings money, it is recommended that this ritual is performed on Monday, starting at 24:00.

Before you begin, sprinkle the area with holy water and then cleanse with frankincense the four corners of the room. In complete silence, in a room facing east, you should kneel on the green blanket lying on the floor. Light the 7 candles in a circle around you in metal containers, by being careful not to drip wax from the containers. Say the Lord's Prayer three times, then try to clear your mind of any other thoughts.

Visualize how your money is coming in and how many wonderful things you can do with it. When the candles have completely burnt out, say a prayer again and sprinkle the room again. The ritual is performed for 7 consecutive weeks.

The Inca ritual for more money

This ritual is practiced on Tuesdays and Fridays, for 8 consecutive weeks, also at midnight. You should write on a piece of paper your full name, date of birth and the desired amount of money. You need a candle, preferably a green one, to light, then leave it burning in a metal container, in a safe place. When the candle is almost burned out, place the note with your information on it to light it. The information written on the sheet, including the desired amount of money, must always be the same for the ritual to work.

Lucky charms for money

In Romanian tradition there is a custom of carrying lucky charms and money. One of them consists of a small bag into which seven different coins are placed (they can also be foreign currency). The coins are sprinkled with lavender oil. The bag is carried for 7 days, so that the current income can be multiplied.

Another faith for attracting money states that if the name and the amount needed by the person are written on a candle, it will work. On Wednesday, at midnight, light the candle and let it burn for one hour. It is believed that after the amount written on the candle burns completely, this money immediately comes to the person in need.

Flowers to attract money


It is known to attract joy and prosperity. It offers protection and good luck, meaning that the chances will increase that your wishes will be fulfilled by purchasing this plant. Bamboo is also said to increase mental flexibility, provide assistance in spiritual development and bring prosperity. If you are depressed, growing bamboo is excellent therapy, because it helps you to get rid of negative feelings.


Growing basil attracts love, passion, success and beauty into your home. And if you eat the plant grown right in your home, it is said that you can arouse passion in anyone who consumes this food. In addition, basil is known as an antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial agent.


Jasmine attracts money

Jasmine attracts money and love into your home and at the same time favors prophetic dreams. Jasmine oil is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, making it an effective remedy for anyone who wants to keep the flame burning in a relationship.


The orchid is not only a beautiful plant, but also very easy to grow. This plant represents love: it attracts money, love and strengthens friendship. In Ancient Greece, people associated orchids with fertility and vitality, making them a wonderful gift for those wanting children.


This herb increases brain power, can help you rest better at night and keep you young. Rosemary attracts love and increases sexual desire. In addition, this plant is believed to provide protection and aid in purification and can be used in exorcism.


Sage is known for its protective qualities. It also represents immortality, longevity, wisdom and wish fulfillment. Of course, if you grow sage, you can also use it in food.


Its numerous petals are a symbol of wealth. In addition, the bright colors are associated with optimism and success, but also with positive energy.

Where to put the flowers to attract money?

By the front door

To attract the money, you can place the chosen flower next to the front door. This way, it will protect against evil spirits and bad energy.

In the dining room

Usually, all money-attracting plants, as well as flowers, can be placed here, but it is good to arrange them according to size. Do not place a plant in the corner of the room that touches the ceiling, because you create an unnecessary feeling of pressure. When choosing small plants, you should consider both the size of the table and the visual effect.

In the bedroom

Beautiful flowers with a pleasant appearance are a suitable choice for the bedroom. It is also a good idea to put some fruit on the bedside table: grapefruit, oranges, peaches, apples, which can help you fall asleep more easily due to their aroma. Be careful not to place hanging plants in the room where you sleep. Instead, you can decorate your bedroom with roses, hibiscus or geraniums, which also attract money to the home according to superstitions.

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