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Tips for Spiritual Awakening and Elevation

Tips for Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a process that everyone must go through sooner or later if they want to live a fulfilling life. Inner peace is most important for it. To achieve it, we must distinguish between wrong or impossible perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and ideas. We must make sure to be conscious individuals who care about our inner self, trust it and accept that peace with ourselves is the greatest victory we will achieve in our lifetime

Spirit – the Self we speak of is always present deep within us. To achieve true spiritual awakening, the most important thing is to realize just that – to rise beyond the conscious, beyond ordinary physical existence, to open our consciousness to the Universe. Perhaps all these words sound too abstract, but let us offer you some practical advice to live a wholesome and conscious life.

In order to achieve spiritual awakening and spiritual growth, it is important to detach yourself from all inner fears. This includes anxieties, depressive thoughts, phobias, stress and tension. This will teach us to use our inner strength. Everyone has it. Spiritual growth does not mean running away from our responsibilities and behaving wildly and crazy. To deal with stress and your inner worries, a good way is to make a habit of meditating for 15 minutes daily. Prayers and yoga could also help you in this endeavor of yours.

It is important to learn to silence your mind and consciousness for a while. You can achieve this with both meditation and concentration exercises. A good method is to lie down in a comfortable position and concentrate only on your breathing. Slowly. Consciously. Take it easy. To feel your body functioning - how your lungs fill with oxygen and then to feel the air pass through your nostrils, exhaling it.

Realize that you are a spirit, an inner force, and a subconscious mind with a physical body, not just a physical body with a subconscious mind and a soul. This will help you realize many facts in life that you find paradoxical. Changing this way of thinking will also help you shake off the fear of death - one of the most popular and natural events for us humans.

Spiritual Awakening

Look into yourself. Only this way will you learn what makes you truly happy and fulfilled. What makes you feel like you're about to fly. Learn to think positively and believe that positive thinking attracts positive events. Avoid the catastrophic way of perceiving life and events. Happiness comes from ourselves.

Be honest with yourself. What you cannot admit to others, at least admit to yourself. This will bring you the desired soul harmony and bring you closer to yourself. Get rid of your own ego. A spiritually evolved person has no place for themelves in their soul. They should be humble, kind, loving and generous - to themselves and to others.

Forgive - others and yourself. Forgiveness is the greatest cure for the soul and perhaps the most difficult to attain. Many people do not understand that once they forgive, they will feel much better. They will be freed from pain and anger. This is the very truth - you must learn to forgive and free your heart from this burden - this is the right path to spiritual awakening.

Enrich your knowledge daily. Read interesting topics, books. Do research, be interested in the new and the unknown. This will help you not only to enrich yourself and raise your intellectual level, but also to grow spiritually.

Spend time in nature. There is nothing better than feeling the natural source of life, and this is it. Find a peaceful and beautiful place where you feel protected. Identify individual trees, flowers, shrubs, even grass. Have a picnic, read a book outside. Connect with nature.

An extremely important step towards spiritual awakening is self-care. You need to feel good in your own skin and that means taking care of yourself—everything from eating right to relaxing aromatherapy baths applies. Do what makes you happy and what makes you love yourself. To be a spiritually elevated person one must learn to love oneself.

Train your will and your ability to make decisions. It is this quality that will allow you to have control over your mind. Logic is often a bad counselor. As believed since ancient times, the heart often gives us better guidance in life. Take it as intuition and listen to it more often. Learn to distinguish between intuition and fear. Sometimes we think bad feelings are intuition. However, negativity is actually a mind game. Our intuition will never make us feel panic, fear or numbness. Our intuition will make us feel calm.

Most importantly, learn to control yourself. Learn how to be patient, tactful and understanding. Both to others and to yourself.