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Attracting money to your wallet

Attracting money to your wallet

The full wallet is the best antidepressant. But it is the wallet that determines how much money will be attracted to it - so you should follow certain principles of feng shui.

The wallet must be sufficiently large. When you put money in it, it should lie so that it is not crushed, folded in two or three.

Money should feel good in your wallet. At least one of the parameters of your wallet should be consistent with the imperial size.

If all three parameters - height, width and depth are in imperial perceptions, this is the best way to get money.

Imperial sizes for attracting money is 5.37 cm, 18.8 cm, 24.175 cm, 25.52 cm

As to the color, according to feng shui, the colors of money are those who are close to the colors of earth and metal colors. These elements attract wealth.

The color of the wallet should be brown, terracotta, yellow, silver, gray or white. Silver color is good only until the end of the year of the Silver Rabbit.

Your wallet should not be blue in color, this is the color of the element of water. It is a sure sign that your money will soon leave your wallet directly.

The wallet should be made of leather or suede. Plastic wallets are ineligible. Nylon fails energy flows, much like a book is dead.

In your wallet, you should not have pictures. They intersect the energy of money. Torn wallets do not attract money. Never leave your wallet completely empty.