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Tips for Attracting Abundance and Luck by Napoleon Hill

Tips for Attracting Abundance and Luck by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is more than a colorful personality. He left a bright mark in history, everything he wrote sounds more than valid even today.

One of his most popular books is Think and Grow Rich. It is based on his extensive research and hundreds of interviews he has conducted with successful individuals. Hill's tips for attracting abundance and luck are many, but you can read a synthesized part of them here.

If you choose to apply them - your success is guaranteed!

Form the right idea

Napoleon Hill shares that you have to have the right idea about the things you want to achieve. In this way, you will attract good confluences of circumstances. If your mind programs a picture of poverty, you will have a hard time resetting your attitudes to wealth.

Tips by Napoleon Hill


Because the big chance can come to you at any moment, right where you are right now. If you look for the opportunity to achieve success, you will certainly attract the luck to find it.


Once you've determined your goals, map out the path you need to take to gain the knowledge you need to achieve them. This way, the picture will become clearer for you because you will realize what you lack in terms of skills to work on.


Tips from Napoleon Hill

Visualize success and the steps you need to take. This will change your mental attitude towards things. And once you tune in to a wave of success and abundance, you will much more easily go through any task placed on the way.


Create a personal statement detailing achieving your success. Read it often, imagining how things happen and achieve the set goals. That way, you won't lose focus on achieving the abundance you're aiming for.

Take action. Don't wait

In real life, there is no right time. You have to create it yourself. And that, with the attitude and skills you have, can happen with ease. The more you act decisively, the less uncertain situations you will find yourself in.


Don't give up when you fail, because it can be the beginning of a great achievement. Often, the things you strive for do not happen easily and smoothly. But that shouldn't put you off. On the contrary, difficulties should motivate you to go in one direction only - forward.

Communicate with the right people

Happy People

Surround yourself with people who motivate you. They are all around you. You can find them in inspirational books, films based on real cases, interviews telling about successes achieved. This way you will set yourself up to work for all that you see in your dreams.

Be positive

Because: What the mind believes, the personality achieves. Focusing on positive goals for success and abundance, your mind searches for a way to make them happen.

Trust your intuition

She will point you in the right direction. Sometimes effort is 90% work, but there is also a small percentage sixth sense and luck that help even the wildest dreams come true.

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