Folk Beliefs about Salt and Sugar

Antonia R.Antonia R.

According to folk beliefs, salt and sugar can be used to predict future events. Using them we can purge our home of negative influences.

If you accidentally spill salt, this means that you will have troubles, and more specifically, huge arguments with someone you know. This is the oldest folk belief about salt, since in ages past, only the richest owned salt and whenever they spilt it in the home, great turmoil would ensue.

Spilled sugar portends of lots of happiness and joyous events in the future. If an unmarried girl spills it, it means that she will find her husband very shortly.

Sugar is linked to sweetness and all that is pleasant to the senses, that is why it only portends good things.

If a dish prepared by a girl was too salty, it meant that she was in love, since usually such mistakes are made when someone is in love. This applies today as well.

Salt is seen as a symbol of wisdom and purity, which is why it it is commonly used in magic rituals for getting rid of negative energy.


To create an atmosphere of peace and understanding in your home, sprinkle salt in every corner of it, then pour holy water.

Leave the salt for 3 hours and if it has darkened in that time, it means that there is negative energy in your home. After you complete the ritual, clean up the salt and you'll immediately feel harmony around you.

Salt can be used to attract money and riches. All you need to do is put salt in a wooden box on a table overnight. Leave it for 3 days, then pour running water over it in the sink; don't cook with it or eat it. You can change the salt in the box every 3 days.

It is also stated in folk beliefs that one should never lend out salt because that way you would be giving your luck away to others and attracting poverty and misfortune to yourself.

For this same reason, you should not pass the salt shaker to anyone else, even if you're sitting at the same table.

Salt needs to be kept in wooden containers, in order for it to retain its magical powers.